Launching CarbSwap

Learn the process we will follow to launch CarbSwap and how you can get GRPH early (if you are quick)

Launching CarbSwap
Photo by Ivan Diaz / Unsplash
There will only ever be 1 Billion GRPH tokens minted, but because we have various BURN events, the total circulating supply will be less than this.

Let's break it down...

Deployment of the GRPH smart contract has already taken place. You can see that here:

Graph Token | ViewBlock
Contract details for zil1xnnhly0m4qxx240a7j3rlvfj4wavaz40wlgd80
Link to GRPH token on ViewBlock

Step 1: Minting of Team Allocation

100,000 GRPH tokens were minted when the GRPH contract was deployed and those tokens have been moved into a new wallet. You can see that wallet here:

Zilliqa Address zil1txwffgjs850nwhj7auafrpndxjnc9lehy60w86 | ViewBlock
Address details for zil1txwffgjs850nwhj7auafrpndxjnc9lehy60w86
Link to Wallet holding Team Allocation of GRPH

Step 2: Zil deposit into Team Wallet

In preparation of starting the pool for GRPH on Zilswap, we need to have enough ZIL to be able to start the pool with 50,000 GRPH at a target price of $1. We will use zUSDT to determine the price just prior to starting the pool.

At time of writing, 1 zUSDT = 13.9341 ZIL, so we would need ~700,000 ZIL

Step 3: Start pool on ZilSwap

The ZilSwap pool will be started once the Team Wallet has received enough Zil to be able to launch the pool with 50,000 GRPH at a target price of $1.

The reason for launching on ZilSwap is so that GRPH can be sold to the market as an alternative method of fundraising instead of running a pre-sale or ZILO.

Step 4: Remove half the liquidity from ZilSwap

When the price of GRPH has reached a minimum of $2.40 in value, then we will remove half the liquidity so that the gained ZIL can be used to purchase 10,000 zUSDT.


Step 5: Launch CarbSwap Genesis Pools

We are getting close now, through ZilSwap the team has been able to raise enough ZIL to be able to fund the initial liquidity of our 3 genesis pools.

The 3 Genesis Pools are:

  1. ZIL / CARB
    Will be started with 250,000 ZIL
  2. GRPH / CARB
    Will be started with 50,000 GRPH @ target price of $2.50
  3. zUSDT / CARB
    Will be started with 10,000 zUSDT

Step 6: Launch CarbSwap

The moment we have all been waiting for. Opening up CarbSwap to the world and introducing another DEX to the Zilliqa blockchain.

Let the fun begin...

Questions? We will be publishing a new blog post soon that hopefully should answer any questions you may have. In the meantime please reach out to us to ask.